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Hello, I'm Andy.
 I take pride in what I do, and customer satisfaction is my #1 goal. I've been a finish carpenter for
almost 30 years; installing interior trim, doors, cabinets, and locks within homes, apartments,
condo's, casino's, schools and restaurants all over the United States. One of my favorite jobs
was a floating casino in Lousiana.
I learned production style carpentry at an early age.  I began unloading doors and trim
from a "trim-truck" and hauling them upstairs throughout a jobsite.
Spreading materials where they belonged according to the plans.
I was the "green horn" carpenter on a trim carpentry crew at 17.
It took awhile to earn a chance to fire a pneumatic nail gun,
but soon enough I was nailing miles upon miles of baseboard.. and I was known quite well to shoot a porta-potty from long range! (occupied of course).
 I'd later learned to mark and cut shelving, hang doors and install window trim, productively. After all the trim was installed and painted, we would install door knobs, locks, bathroom hardware and "pick-up" any remaining work left to do.
I was a journeyman carpenter after four years of production style trim carpentry and continued to do that for about 10 years. 

Later i learned a much slower, custom style carpentry where finer quality was more important than speed. The types of buildings I'd worked on were; restaurants, schools, high-dollar tract homes and custom homes.  I also worked for a casino in their cabinet and remodeling department, learning how to make all sorts of interesting things with acrylic and exotic woods. Things like signs, lottery boxes, phone booths (before cell phones), stage props, desks and more. They knew I had experience installing commercial door locks so they transfered me to the locksmithing department. Although I had experience with locks, I wasn't ready for a job like that.

 I became a licensed contractor in 2007 and opened my own company. During that time, the economy and an ultrasound showing my first and second children (twins) opted me to cancel my business endevours and go back to working for someone else, temporarily.

For a few years I worked for Kolbe & Kolbe Windows and Doors as their west coast service tech. My boss refered to me as their "service representative" even though I was hired as their technician.  I was the only technician in California and my service area was the entire state and parts of Nevada. My time to do the job and my pay was soon reduced because of the economy, but I was still "representing" the company.  Weighing the cost of daycare for my twins, my job's pressure and my pay, I resigned and stayed home to care for my twin boys while my wife continued to work.
I opened a handyman business so I could do small, local jobs in between day care. When the economy favored new home construction, I re-opened my contracting business in 2013.

When I'm not working, I enjoy bass fishing. I also like spending time with my wife and kids.